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Foley • Sound Design • Sound Effects


Jamie grew up in a musical household with a father that designed stereos, but he wasn’t allowed to touch any of the buttons and knobs lying around the house. He hoped for a day when he’d have even more buttons and knobs to play with than his dad which lead to a career in audio engineering.


After studying sound at the University of Washington, he worked at the world-famous studio Bad Animals in Seattle, WA. As a sound designer, engineer, foley artist, producer, and voice actor, he worked on projects with major brands and agencies.


Jamie loves manipulating sounds. He uses elements from everyday life to try and tether the starscapes of imagination to the familiar, always leaving the audience with a smile.

Select Clients: E-Line Media, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Sony, VALVE, YouTube, The Make a Wish Foundation

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